About me

Brigitte van Ooijen (17 august 1982) is a dutch artist living in Groningen with her husband and three daughters who never cease to inspire and support her as an artist.

She makes works of art with fine detail and many times featuring the human body in slightly surrealistic surroundings. She likes to keep challenging her creativity and trying out new ideas and concepts.
Her young daughters are a constant source of inspiration for her and give her an extra drive to aspire for a better future for all girls in the world.

A lot of her recent paintings feature ballet dancers. With dancers at the centerpoint the fine artist is creating unique paintings with a whole new story being told that triggers immagination and enhance emotions that can be found in the art of dance.

Their is a variety of techniques that can be found in the works of Brigitte, some of her paintings are full of detail other works excel in their simplicity but all works of Brigitte can be recognized by a distinct elegant style and refinement.

In addition to her painting work, Brigitte also writes and illustrates children’s books and her work can now also be seen in motion in artistic animations and animations for children.

Brigitte’s work can be found in the Netherlands and she is a member at Atelier Neérlandais in Paris.